Thoughts Louder than Music

So I asked my coworker if he like to drive home somtimes without the radio on, since we deal with music all day and majority of us come home to work on music, and he said that he always have to have somthing playing or else he’s gonna hear himself think, and its not good. Lol so this stuck in my head because I’m always driving with no music on if I can, but then I do hear myself think….and its not positive thoughts either. Thoughts like where is my life going, what am I doing with my life and what am I gonna eat today. Sooo if we all keep listening to music when we don’t feel like listening to ourself, we would never know what’s going with our body, like if we’re hungry, tired, or need to pee. I know if ignore that last thought its gonna get pretty messy. Lol plus its okay to live in reality even for an hour, so get them ipods out ur ears, turn off ur car stereo and say what’s up to ya self, tell me what you were thinking about.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts Louder than Music

  1. MS.iNTUiTi0N says:

    o0H & everything you mentioned was very true. HMm…my thoughts of today: i can make decisions for myself without having to consult others, if i continue to do so, i would only be pleasing their expectations rather than fulfilling my hearts desires & the very expectations of myself. i am a being created by G0d, for one tremendous reason, to make a positive difference in this corrupt world, to serve as a light of inspiration & remain a secure woman of G0d. id like to go out to a foreign country to help. what i can do to bring about the peace & l0ve into this world. how i need to give G0d more time. i can go on for days, are you sure you want the rest of my thoughts? lol


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