Trust Your Journey

When I wake up, I have a sense of excitement for how awesome my day is going to be for some reason. But after surfing on instagram for about 20mins, checking my likes, and what I missed while I was sleep, reality hits me. I have to be at work in about an hour, it takes me about 30mins to get there, and that means im rushed to do my morning routine. I hate to be rushed. 25mins later, im driving while trying to finish my breakfast. Once im on the freeeway, my overactive thought process turns on and I start to think about all the things I could be doing that would be better than going to work. Then this question always pops up.

Why do you choose to go to work?

Well duh, I got shit to pay that’s why what kind of stupid to ask myself.

But I start to think alil more, why do I choose to go to work, why not spend more of my time and energy in my many talents and skills and get paid daily, and probably even more than what I am getting now?

To be honest, ive done that in the past. Quit jobs to pursue my dreams only to find myself staring at the computer screen trying to figure out how am I gonna make money off my music or my t-shirts. Then weeks later running out of money to where I have no other choice but to go back in the working world. I guess at this point it discouraging to do that again so I figure I keep my day job going to fund my passion. Ofcourse after all the bills, friends events, and paying for past mess, my funds are gone.

Lately ive been getting more active and eating healthy, and the new lifestyle change helps in getting my creative juices flowing which is great for I’ve had a dry spell for about a year. Even though I havent produced anything yet, I have been drawing designs, and getting inspirations from other artist (musicians, graphic designers, writers..etc). Its gonna take a min but im excited to bring my creativity to you guys, maybe sometime late fall. I’m ready.

As I pull into work, I kinda get alil sad because for the next 9hrs I can’t really zone out and have moment to myself to plan my future. But i got alil smile as I walk up to the doors because I realize I am one day closer to my goals than I was yesterday. So if your feeling like how I feel, don’t get frustrated that you’re not where you should be in life right now. Trust your journey because you ARE where you should be, just be ready for your next step.



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