BTM Clothing: Adult tomboys

Hey guys

I just wanna talk about something really quick. As i was going over some new designs for our tshirts, i was looking on the web for some inspiration on what kind of theme to play on this up coming season (spring/summer). Then i started to noticed something. I saw some pretty cool shirts and hats out there on the market but it was for a certain niche market. Whether it was for active sports, geeks, nerds, hipsters, hiphop..etc. But how about the gay market? Especially the lesbian market, i mean some people call it a trend (gay is the new black) and theres others that actually live it (lifestyle). My question is why, aren’t there any LGBT lifestyle brand on the market. Of course there’s brands like Sharpe Suiting, Kipper Clothiers, and Saint Harridan all hitting the fashion industry on point with tailoring suits for all genders. But what about the casual, going out to grab a bite to eat, but still wanna look fashionable and represent a brand that represents me and my lifestyle.

I live in Los Angeles and there’s is a plethora of gay women here, everywhere around here, and i see the non feminine/girlie type of women walking around with dope sense of fashion or individuality that is sad that we don’t have our own brand to represent.

So starting March 1st 2015, ill be launching a few pieces for our line BTM. Even though its been out there for awhile now, we never really honed in on who we represent. Now its clearer than before, we represent you! The women that want to be known for your talent, personality, individuality, and creativity. Not some generic put me in the box with other poser labels. This is a brand that’ll speak and others will see that your about that life too.

And you know what, that’s whats up!

Alright i just wanted to get that off my chest, since i have a whole bunch of draft articles waiting to be published. This one flowed right thru.

Oh by the way, if there is any lifestyle brands out there that represents the LGBT community, id love to know more about you guys. Email me at



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