Thats Life: Are You Happy While Living?

Hey guys,

– I have a question.

If you could do anything you wanted tomorrow, what would it be?

– Next question.

Are you really gonna do it?


You know it kinda sucks because majority of us would say something like go skydiving, take a trip…sleep all day, I don’t know but its something that’ll make us extremely happy but yet we wouldn’t do it. We are all quick to make up excuses on why we cant do what we want……just yet…..or how we have other responsibilities to take care of first.

Yet we are dying a slow death every second of our life, dying now, now, now…..and now.

And still we tell ourselves I’ll do it next month (when im more closer to death), or we say my famous line “I don’t have the time or money.” I get it we have all financial/parental/social/health/ anything you have to take care, you name it, responsibilities. But knowing that why don’t we design a life that we can still take care of these things while still making ourselves happy? Isnt that part of our list of responsibilities? Or are you like me, and put it on the bottom of that list, right under kissing my boss’s ass


The other day I took my girlfriend out to Disneyland, and as were discussing with ticket lady the best way to invest our money with this theme park, my gf was interested in the basic option of the season pass and it seemed like a pretty good deal. Until we saw the exceptions, no weekend, no holidays, and there were blackout days/ weeks. I think I noticed it before she did because she was still excited on the possibilities of actually getting it, then I had to explain to her on why we couldn’t do it.

My day job, I work 40+ hrs a week, 6 days a week sometimes Sundays as well, and the hours throughout the day I work would make it hard for us to enjoy the passes like we would want to. Now of course I could have gone with the most expensive option with more freedom on the days I can go on, but for that price, to me it wasnt worth it.

There! Right there. I made an excuse of why I couldn’t do something that I was interested at first in doing. I mean yeah I can always go and get it, its Disneyland it’s always gonna be there…but would I? Then you might say “Do it for your gf” of course that’ll be the motive to go get them, but would I make time to go when I have them?

You notice how I said make time, yeah just like you gotta make money, you gotta make time. I’m sure you already know that, you’re pretty smart, but do you make time to do things that you want to do? If so, great im pretty sure you answered my first question confidently and are going to plan for it after you read this. Or you probably said “yeah,…but.”

Look im going to leave you guys with something, we can talk about time, money, and freedom of choice all day with tons of posts, but it wouldn’t do any good. We would just be talking about it and not actually doing something about, feeling good that we are fantasizing about what we would do. We gotta actually make some kind of move towards making ourselves happy because you’re closer to dying now then you was at the beginning of this post. I know im trying my hardest to make time for happiness.

So my question is:

If you could anything you wanted to do tomorrow, what would you do?


Gf and I @Disneyland

-Dj Van




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