Style Inspiration: For the masculine side in all of us.


I have some questions to ask you.

Before getting dress for what ever occasion, do you stare at your clothes hanging up in your closet like a mindless vegetable?

Do you try every piece you have on just to see what’s matching your mood?

Or do you lay them out on the bed, piece by piece, and try to construct your whole outfit without the effort of actually putting them on?

If your like the latter, then you’re like me. If not, it doesn’t matter, but what it matter is that we all have one thing in common. We are  very visual creatures when it comes to getting dress, and it also gives us a sense of pride when we can see our self in the right outfit. Especially as a women in men’s attire or a trans man in his favorite shirt, we feel good….I’m sorry….we feel GREAT! Ready to take on the world, but for some of us, it’s hard. It’s hard to know when to match jeans with dress shoes, when to wear a tie or not, when to wear stripes with polka dots (almost never), or when say no to your baggy cargo shorts ( I know they are comfortable but, it’s not appropriate for the club tonight).


The Laid Back Skater

It’s ok though, I got you. Every week I will be posting style inspirations and tips for every type of occasions. Whether it’s for a hot date, a laid back session with the bros, or a real important meeting with a the big wigs. I got you.
Style is one of the ways we identify, express, and differentiate ourselves. We feel comfortable, it’s in our essences and others think we rock it well  too (whether they admit to it or not).

So let’s bang this mess and get to looking sharp!

Don’t worry you look good.

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