The Monday Blues, and Browns too!

Buzz Buzzzz Buzzzzz….Your alarm goes off on your phone, you look at the time with blood shot eyes. It’s 6am Monday morning. Time to get ready for work. Ughh time to get it up (or if you’re like me you fall) out of bed, shuffle your way to the bathroom mindlessly and get washed up. Around this time you’re probably thinking about what kind of work will be waiting for you when you get in the office, whether or not to make breakfast or get McDonald’s on the way to work (save money, make your breakfast)  or the biggest question that you ask every morning; what am I going to wear today?  You head over to your closet and stare at your clothes as if they will magically start to come out piece by piece and create and outfit for you. Then you wake and you’re still in the closet looking at that the same thing. Then you head for your usual white button up, black tie, and black slacks.

Well if this sounds like you, sounds like you are a Monochrome Monday type of person. Which isn’t bad if that’s your union form for work, but if you are able to switch it up and show your flavor and style, then why don’t you? 

Here’s an inspiration I picked out someone like you, I call it Desert Storm. It plays on earthy tones of greys, Browns, and blues. It give you a feeling of being grounded and level headed, which is what you’ll need to be starting off your work week. Also it has different textures of the leathers, faux wood, cotton, and metal to make like you are one with your surroundings and you can take on anything. My favorite thing about this whole outfit is that it’s perfect of the office (with the tie), or the art studio (no tie), and that’s what makes this work for your go to Monday work clothes. If the browns are too much for you, you can always substitute it with olive shade greens, or different shades of khaki.

I know Monday’s suck, and it’s hard trying to pull yourself together for the day, or even the week, but just remember that when you look good, you feel good. Imagine leaving your house looking good, having a strut in your walk, and that swagger glow about you. You can get all types of positive attention from your co-workers, your boss, and even that one chick in the other department that you only get to say hi to when you’re passing through her work area. Anything can happened when you start your day, week, or month feeling great, and clothes can help make that happen.

So take your Monday by a (Desert) Storm and see what happens.

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